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Fixing Emissions on an FTO

This is a very technical problem as there are many sensors that require the ECU to control the engine. The problem is that the job of the ECU is to keep the engine running. With out fancy diagnostic systems you cannot control the ECU and find the problem quickly.

Rule out the basics.
  1. Air Filter Change
  2. Engine Oil and Filter change
  3. Clean the injectors
  4. Clean the Throttle body
  5. Adjust the Idle screw
  6. Check for a vacuum leak
  7. Replace the Spark Plugs
  8. Test the Alternator is charging correctly
  9. Test the TPS sensor and replace if required
  10. Test and Replace the Engine Temp Sensor
  11. Clean/Replace the MAF Sensor
  12. Replace the ECU
  13. Test/Replace the Lamba Sensor
  14. Replace the Catalytic converter
Also check for smoke coming out of the exhaust when its warm